Suggestion to add science based stack exchange sites

It seems that you link StackOverflow data into altmetrics. But I don't think you index the broader Stack Exchange network. In particular, the Science based sites would be particularly relevant as they often reference the scientific literature.

I have a particular interest in psychology and statistics: 

I imagine that if you are indexing Stack Overflow, then you do the same thing with any StackExchange site.
They do have RSS feeds, but the important thing to index are the answers, and less so the questions. I'm not sure if the default feeds include answers or not.

Hi Jeromy,

Thanks for your suggestion! We'll investigate this further and see if we can fit it into our product roadmap this year.

Once we make more progress on this, I'll let you know. In the meantime, if you have any further questions or suggestions, you can e-mail us at


Jean Liu (Product Development Manager, Altmetric)

Stack network sites are a good source to track.  References to research outputs in this forum are a good demonstration of how the work is being translated, and driving the behaviour of practitioners in the space

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