Exported Data - New Columns to Include Author(s) and Date Created

When exporting reports, it would be helpful for analyses to include all authors on each article as well as the date when the article was first published (or when the 'first mention' occured).

Hi David!

Thanks for your suggestion! I agree - being able to see who authored each article and the publication date is important.

We're actually in the process of making some changes to Explorer for Institutions which would allow for publication dates to be surfaced in CSV exports. The main challenge we run into with publication dates is the "messiness" of the data that we receive from publishers. Since we don't have any control over what publishers put as publication dates (and some treat electronic publication dates and print publication dates inconsistently), we sometimes end up with confusing or inaccurate dates. As such we are doing some investigation into how we can get more accurate publication dates into our records.

As for authors - the metadata can also be messy and is not disambiguated when it comes from publishers (as author ORCIDs are still not the norm!). However in Explorer for Institutions, we already receive author names and department names from an institutional CRIS, IR, or spreadsheet supplied by our customers. We've been working on surfacing authors and departments in CSV exports for these customers specifically, as we have the cleanest data.

When we have released these features we can certainly let you know! If you have any further questions in the meantime, you can e-mail support@altmetric.com.

Best wishes,

Jean Liu (Product Development Manager, Altmetric)

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