journals without DOI's


I am looking for altmetric data for all the articles published in the “Journal of community informatics”, an open access peer reviewed journal


See article attached. “However, the absence of a DOI precludes this journal from obtaining results from the use of tools for altmetrics data collection e.g.”

 The journal of community informatics do not have DOIs, does this mean that Altmetric data will not be available for this journal on




Filistéa Naudé

University of South Africa


Thank you for your question!

We do require a unique identifier (DOI, PubMedID etc) to track a research output, in this case an article. But we would be happy to contacting the journal to ask them to add the metatags we need to collect attention. 

If you'd like to contact them as well, there is information here about the metadata we need to track an output.

Kind Regards,


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