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Hi - I'm just getting started with Altimetric, so far it is great.

I have an institutional login with the University of Reading.

Is it possible to select several authors and see their combined stats? This would be really useful to look at e.g. research group output



Hi Claire!

Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately, right now it isn't possible to select several authors to see their combined stats in the Explorer. However, within the next 6-8 months, we plan to develop a way to search for a selection of many authors (and other fields also) at the same time.

I can let you know as soon as something is available that will help you to search for multiple authors at once. In the meantime, you can use a bit of a long-winded solution instead: export a CSV list for each author and copy all the associated scholarly identifiers. Then, paste the identifiers into a new Custom Group. This way you can see all the data in a single group when you browse the Summary Chart.

Do let us know if you have any other questions!

Best wishes,

Jean Liu (Product Development Manager, Altmetric)

Hi - that would be great if you could let me know, thank you. In the mean time I will try your work around.

If you are interested in input for the feature design - one reason that researchers might be interested in the group author feature is to select publications relevant to a particular research project - This would give them a potentially very powerful reporting tool back to the funding body, and demonstrate the all important impact in a clear, graphical way. so - it wouldn't be the whole output of every author, just specific publications related to the project group. 

I realise, this is quite a complicated feature. I'm asking because you've already built a lovely tool here and it is easy to see lots of possibilities!


Thank you so much, Claire! This is great feedback. I just emailed you to follow up with a bit more information.

Speak soon,

Jean Liu (Product Development Manager, Altmetric)

Hi Jean -I'm just getting started with Altmetric and I had the same interest in capturing attention for a collection of publications generated by a program area.  Have you done any follow-up work on this since Claire's email? 



Hi Michelle!

Thanks for your message. Could you clarify what you mean by capturing attention for a collection of publications generated by a program area? Do you mean departments or journal subjects or something else?

My understanding is that Claire's request is related to viewing summary (results analysis) stats for a group of specific institutional authors. This would involve selecting specific authors from the instance (i.e., that came from the data implementation) and then searching for these all at the same time. We have not yet begun development work on that particular feature, but we hope to get to it in the New Year.


Best wishes,


Dear Clare and Michelle,

I have emailed you both about this individually, but I will share the good news here too!

We have now released the functionality that will allow you to view search results for multiple verified authors, verified departments, journals, and output types at the same time. 

Below is a screenshot of the functionality -- you can access this screen by clicking on "Advanced Search" underneath the main search bar.


I hope you find the functionality useful. Thank you so much for sending us your feature requests!

Best wishes,

Jean (Product Development Manager)

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