Setting up alerts

We are tying to integrate post-publication performance metrics into our social media efforts. Is there a way to set up an e-mail alert notfiying us when something we've published has hit a predetermined threshold in terms of number of news reports, upper bound of Twitter followers, or Mendeley readers?

Hi Michael!

Thanks for this great suggestion. At the moment we don't have anything in our email reporting functions that let you set a predetermined threshold for various sources. However, I have logged your suggestion and we will see what we can do about making the email reports a bit more customisable.

As a workaround, if you are using Altmetric Explorer version 2, you can set up daily, weekly, or monthly email alerts that show all the mention counts per source and let you click directly through to view the latest ones. While you would be notified on a schedule (daily, weekly, monthly) and not when a threshold is surpassed, you should still be able to quickly get to the latest mentions for sources you care about.

Thanks again for contacting us about this! I'll let you know if we release any related functionality that could help you.

Best wishes,

Jean (Product Development Manager, Altmetric)

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