Login Credentials: Change of Name

Hi team,

I have had a question around change of name for login credentials.


We have someone who is going to change their surname from maiden to married, which will affect their email address.

So how can we apply the change on Altmetric EFI, without it affecting their profile? Is it as simple as just going to their account settings and changing their email address?


Thank you,



Hi Sahar,

Thank you for reaching out to Altmetric!

At this time, our accounts don't support a change of email. Your colleague will need to create a new Altmetric account using their new email. 

Apologies for the inconvenience, this is a request we've noted in the past and is definitely on our radar.

Kind Regards,


Thank you Amy for prompt reply.

An issue would be, any saved reports under the old account would not be transferable to the new account though.So yes please, if this could be looked into that would be great.


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