If you'd like to use Altmetric badges (including the donut and score) in marketing materials such as e-mail newsletters and web banner advertisements, please ensure that you follow the guidelines below. Instructions on how to save static donuts and link to the details page are also detailed.

Guidelines for using Altmetric imagery for promotional purposes
  • Static badges must link to the corresponding Altmetric article details page.
  • The date that the static Altmetric badge was retrieved must be clearly stated.
  • It is recommended that the following be stated: "the Altmetric Attention Score may fluctuate, and the most up-to-date data is available on altmetric.com."
  • If Altmetric imagery is to be used in any web banner adverts, please obtain permission first by sending a mock-up of the banner advert to support@altmetric.com.

    Inserting a static donut into e-mail newsletters
  1. Right-click on a badge (e.g., in the Altmetric Explorer, on a journal webpage, etc.) and save the image.
  2. Insert the static image into the body of an e-mail newsletter. Note that the score or visualisation will subsequently not be updated.
  3. Create a link from the image to the corresponding Altmetric article details page: http://www.altmetric.com/details.php?citation_id=xxxx, where xxxx is replaced with a numeric Altmetric citation ID. An example of an article details page can be found here, where the citation ID is 569975.

More about obtaining the Altmetric details page URL

  • By default, every live Altmetric badge links directly to the correct article details page URL. Simply copy and paste this URL when linking from a static image of the badge.
  • The Altmetric citation ID can also be retrieved in an API call in the altmetric_id reference. Read more about API responses.

Inserting live Altmetric badges into webpages

  • To embed live Altmetric badges into webpages, visit the API documentation on badges.
  • To embed live Altmetric badges into Wordpress blogs, please email support@altmetric.com for help and additional instructions.