Altmetric categorizes users from Twitter based on their posting history and profile information. Where Twitter data are available for an article, counts for each user category and geolocation data are included in the Demographics tab of article details page.

To generate a geographical map of tweeters, we geolocate users based on information in their profiles on Twitter. The geo key is a straightforward breakdown of where in the world users who share an article come from.

To compile a table of twitter demographics, we look at keywords in profile descriptions, the types of journals that users link to, and follower lists to assign each profile a category:

  • Member of the public - somebody who doesn't link to scholarly literature and doesn't otherwise fit any of the categories below
  • Researcher - somebody who is familiar with the literature
  • Practitioner - a clinician, or researcher who is working in clinical science
  • Science communicator - somebody who links frequently to scientific articles from a variety of different journals / publishers