Altmetric's list of blogs that are scanned for mentions of scholarly articles is manually curated, meaning that a human has to maintain the database.

If you are a blogger and want your blog posts to be tracked and recognised by Altmetric, you should take the following steps:

1. Tell us about your blog

Chances are, if your blog is new or not part of a larger blogs network, we might not be tracking it yet. Send us an e-mail at and if your blog isn't already being tracked, our data curator will consider your blog for inclusion in the Altmetric blogs database. We track blogs via their RSS feeds so do make sure that your site's feed is available and functioning properly.

Feel free to suggest any blogs that you think we should be tracking!

2. Always include links to the papers that you reference

If you blog a lot about research, the best way to make sure that your posts get picked up by Altmetric is to include a direct link to a scholarly article. We strongly encourage you to embed the link in the body of the text, instead of just as part of a reference list at the bottom of your post. This increases the likelihood that we'll collect the blog post and link it to the appropriate page. 

You can include a link to the journal in a variety of different formats, which include but are not limited to:

You can also link to datasets or objects that are hosted on figshare or Dryad Digital Repository, and these mentions will also be picked up by Altmetric. You can link to these objects using a link the DOI URLs, e.g.,

Any problems?

If you think we are tracking your blog already but have missed blog posts, please e-mail
 and we'll sort things out for you.