What mentions does Altmetric track?

Altmetric watches every page on the English, Finnish, and Swedish Wikipedias for edits, and identifies when mentions of your research are added.

In order for Altmetric to find a mention, the article cited must use a properly-formatted Wikipedia citation tag – just linking to an article isn't enough. We won't be able to track a mention of your research if a valid tag is not present in the article.

What pages are tracked?

Altmetric tracks all articles on the English, Finnish, and Swedish-language Wikipedias. At the moment, we do not track mentions in any other languages.

We also don't track non-encyclopedic pages, such as:

  • User pages
  • Sandbox pages
  • Talk pages
  • Meta-wiki pages

What do valid citations look like?

As an example, the Wikipedia page for Q Fever cites an article in the ASM Journal of Bacteriology

You should be able to find the reference to the article you want to add by searching for the title, Pubmed ID, DOI or other items from the paper. Our example Q Fever article includes the text:

Altmetric can only extract valid citations from Wikipedia. Any other format will not be collected by Altmetric and will not appear on your details page. 

How to I add or edit a citation?

The process for adding a new citation has been updated to be easier to use and faster. To add or replace a citation in a Wikipedia article, you can click the "edit" button on any subheading. Then put your cursor to the end of the sentence or paragraph that is relevant to your research. 

You will then be prompted to enter the details of your citation. Simply add the URL, DOI, or PMID for your research output and click "Generate". 

You then click "Insert" and the citation is generated. 

You can then click "Save page", and your mention will be picked up by Altmetric. 

I think Altmetric has missed a mention on Wikipedia

If your research is mentioned in a Wikipedia page, but Altmetric hasn't seen the mention, the first step is to check that the article contains a valid citation. Follow the instructions below under What do valid citations look like? to check that everything looks OK. If a valid citation is included in the article, but Altmetric hasn't picked it up, then please contact our Support team at support@altmetric.com.