You may have set some automated email reports, to tell you when an article or group of articles has been mentioned. Here's a little more detail about how we generate and send these reports:

When do reports actually run?

We send out the daily reports at 7am GMT each day. We send out the weekly reports on Thursdays, along with the daily reports for that day. 

What time frame do the reports present Altmetric coverage for? 

The process is started at 7am. Our script works through the list of reports that need sending, one by one. It takes a couple of minutes to generate each report and send it to the relevant recipient. This means that might not get his report generated until 8am (after and get theirs).

If Bob and Joe have exactly the same report they're requesting, they will very likely have exactly the same output. Even if there's a three hour gap inbetween them. However, Joe (the later report) may end up with slightly more than Bob if there are new mentions during that time.

Bob will see these mentions he missed next week.

Will it track a precise time frame? For instance 12:00 am est on Saturday until 11:59 pm est the following Friday?

Not really. To be in the weekly report, an article must have been mentioned in the past seven days (60 * 60 * 24 * 7 seconds) from midnight last night, additionally any articles mentioned today will be included.