What is an Altmetric policy source?

Altmetric curates policy sources that are designed to change or otherwise influence guidelines, policy or practice. Tracked policy sources and document types range from government guidelines, reports or white papers; independent policy institute publications; advisory committees on specific topics; research institutes; and international development organisations. We aim to curate a broad scope of policy sources from organisations around the world and cover topics from climate change to health, transport and economics. Policy sources are largely collected directly from organisations' publications websites and are updated regularly.

How do Altmetric track attention to research outputs in policy documents?

Altmetric tracks attention to a broad range of policy sources and collects sources directly from organisational websites. Policy documents are searched for mentions via both link searching, identifier analysis and text mining. 

How does Altmetric text mining work?

Primarily, Altmetric links news attention to a research output via a direct link or unique identifier such as a DOI. That said, not all news sources and policy documents insert a link to the research output when discussing it. To ensure we are collecting as much attention as possible we use text mining. Our scraper evaluates the text in the news story or policy document and determines if it has the appropriate data to make a positive match to the research output. The data we are looking for is author names, journal title and a timeframe. 

What languages are supported?

At this point the text mining only works for English language words in news sources. If the name of the author and the journal are written in English we will extract them regardless of the language of the news source. 

Can I report a missed mention?

Our text mining process can provide false negatives. This happens because there might be too much data on one page. If a news article references multiple papers or multiple unrelated researchers our text mining errs on the side of caution and won't link the news story to the research output. If you feel a news story should have been matched to your research output you can fill in our form at https://goo.gl/LM5Pft.