There's lots of different ways you can choose to display the Altmetric data on your site - whether embedding our badges or via our API. Here's just a few branding guidelines we ask that you follow when doing so: 

  • Data should always be accredited to
  • Please note that we are the company, Altmetric, and we provide 'altmetrics' data
  • The Altmetric Attention Score can be described as a weighted count of online attention designed to reflect the volume and reach of online engagement surrounding an individual research output
  • Any Altmetric badges displayed should always link through to the associated Altmetric details page, so users can view all of the original mentions of article
  • If you are using a logo, please use the most up to date version available here

Here's a description, that you're welcome to reuse, of what we provide and why and how we collect our data:

Altmetrics data is provided by, a research metrics company who track and collect the online conversations around millions of scholarly outputs. Altmetric continually monitors a variety of non-traditional sources to provide real-time updates on new mentions and shares of individual research outputs, which are collated and presented to users via the Altmetric details pages and badge visualisations. Each research output that Altmetric finds attention for is also given a score; a weighted count of the online attention it has received. Further information about how the Altmetric Attention Score is calculated is available here.

Are you a researcher or using Altmetric data in a project?
To read more about how to describe Altmetric data or citing Altmetric in research, see our Guide for Describing Altmetric Data.