Altmetric provides two main products for Institutions; Explorer for Institutions and Institutional Repository Badges.

Explorer for Institutions

Explorer for Institutions is our online platform that lets users evaluate their own institution's data as well as all the research within the Altmetric database. The Explorer provides functionality for all types of users within your organisation. 

  • A librarian may use the Explorer to see which journals are publishing high-attention articles. 
  • A researcher may use the Explorer to compile relevant papers. 
  • A research assistant may use the Explorer to uncover previously unknown areas of impact for their department.
  • A communications officer might use the Explorer to find out how high-attention articles are being shared and disseminated.

Repository Badges

Repository badges are an immediate way to display the attention to the research outputs held within your repository. By clicking on the badge the user will see a summary drop down menu, which gives them the option to go to the details page. 

Badges are customisable and can be added to the repository for free. For more information regarding badges, please click here