Altmetric provides three main products for Publishers; the Altmetric Explorer, Altmetric Badges, and the Altmetric API. All three tools help Publishers understand and evaluate the attention associated with their work. Each tool provides its own unique information and functionality. 

Explorer for Publishers

Explorer for Publishers is an easy to use platform that allows users to view information on a large scale and on a granular level. One search might be of the nearly 13 million outputs (articles, books, data sets, and more!) held in our database, while another might be to look at the Policy Document attention of a particular article. Explorer for Publishers allows the user to determine their own usage and priorities. 

Some ideas of what a publisher can do;

- Track their published works via email alerts or saved searches 

- See how to competition is doing

- Understand where and how their research is being shared

- Use our granular data to identify key thought leaders in the field

- See the real world applications or engagement with their publications

Altmetric Badges

Altmetric Badges allows users viewing your scholarly outputs to see a snapshot of the current attention associated with it. These colourful and customisable badges can be designed to fit within the layout and style of your journal's pages. Users can choose to simply view the page or click through to a details page that allows for a more in depth view of the attention. 

For more information on the implementation of Altmetric Badges please view our Getting Started page. 

Altmetric API

Access to our API allows Publishers more freedom to use the data they need. The API gives Publishers the bigger picture. 

The API allows Publishers to;

- Easily collate data from the entire Altmetric database

- Customise where on their pages the Altmetric Badges appear

- Integrate the raw data into an internal system to make reporting easier

- Create top10s to visual their data and easy to navigate way

These case studies show all the different ways publishers are using our tools. For more information about Altmetric for Publishers and how it could be used within your organisation, please contact support at