Implementing Badges for Books with ISBNs

Implementing Badges for Books is as simple as any of our other badges. Technical materials with instructions for embedding Badges for Books can be found here. Just add the <div> element specifying an ISBN wherever you want a badge to appear.  The "dataisbn" can be a 10 or 13 character ISBN, as seen below. The book badge is generated if Altmetric have attention associated with that that ISBN. The badge will generate regardless of whether the hyphens are included in the ISBN, e.g.:


Implementing Badges for Books with other identifiers

Badges for books with other identifiers (DOIs, PMIDs etc.) can be implemented the same way as badges for other scholarly outputs, with no <div> amendment required. As with other badges, you can customize the size and badge type.

See our technical documentation for further details and our Altmetric for Books page for more information. 

If you have any questions regarding the implementation process please contact