How does Altmetric track attention to books?

Altmetric now tracks attention to books and is available on content that is identified by ISBN (International Standard Book Number). Altmetric Badges for Books and associated details page provide authors, editors and readers with a real-time record of book mentions from mainstream media, public policy documents, online reference managers, blogs, social media, and post-publication peer review platforms.

There are three steps to tracking attention to a book:

  1. Book is hosted on a publisher domain we have whitelisted 
  2. The book must have an ISBN unique identifier and good metadata
  3. The book must be mentioned in a source we track 

When a link to a book hosted on a supported domain is shared across a source of attention, we collect the details and record the mention in Altmetric. 

How many book publishers does Altmetric track?

Altmetric is tracking a growing list of publishers including Taylor and Francis, Elsevier, Springer, Cambridge University Press and Wiley. If you have a suggestion for a publisher to be tracked by Altmetric you can contact

How do I view Altmetric book attention?

Altmetric book attention can be viewed in various ways: Badges for Books, API, Explorer for Institutions and Explorer for Publishers.

Explorer for Institutions

Our institutional offering, Explorer for Institutions, allows users to search for attention associated with all of the books we index.

Please visit this page for more information on searching for books within the Explorer.

Please visit this page for more information regarding Explorer for Institutions. 

Badges for Books

If a publisher has chosen to implement Badges for Books, you can view the attention associated with a book by clicking on the embedded badge on the publication page. 

Please visit this page for more information about books details pages. 

Does Altmetric track Google Books?

Altmetric does track Google Books! All Google Books with ISBNs are tracked, not just ones that pertain to scholarly output. 

How does it work? When we see a Google Books mention in any of our sources, we try to identify the book by sending a query to the Google Books API. The Google Books API returns all of our requested metadata (book title, authors/editors, and so on), which we then display in Altmetric details pages. 

If we use any metadata from Google Books, we attribute the data to Google within the details pages (by showing "powered by Google", as seen in the example below) and also within the Altmetric API output.

What if a book has multiple ISBNs/eISBNs?

Many published books have both an ISBN and an eISBN. Even if a publisher page has multiple ISBNs/eISBNs we create a single details page, as we recognise that it is a single research output.