Altmetric's list of sources of outputs is manually curated and that includes book publishers! The best way to make sure we're tracking your book content is to tell us about it. 

Tell us about your domain

If you would like your book content to be tracked by Altmetric, contact us to discuss the implementation process at

Check your metadata

As with any other output, the identifier must be embedded in <meta> tags, to make sure we can collect the information. Having an identifier available solely on the front end is not enough for us to collect the data. 

For more information about good metadata, see this page. 

Reference it!

As with blogs, news sources, and all other attentions sources we strongly encourage you to link directly to scholarly outputs in your media publications. Using a direct link means we can collect your attention and properly credit your scholarly output. At this point, we are not offering text mining associated with books so a link to the book publication page is the only way we can track your attention.