What citation data is included in Altmetric?

Two sources of citation data are available in Altmetric: 

  • Dimensions citation counts are available via the Altmetric Explorer platform, as well as all Altmetric details pages, enabling you to view the academic impact of over 11 million research outputs alongside the online attention they have received from a broader audience.

  • Clarivate Analytics Web of Science™ citation data is available in Altmetric Explorer platform only, for Web of Science subscribers. If you are a Web of Science Web Services Lite or Web Services Expanded subscriber, you can arrange for Web of Science citation data to appear in your Altmetric Explorer instance. Please complete this form in order to activate citation data in your Explorer instance.

Where can I view citation data in Altmetric?

Citation data is accessible via tabs on the Altmetric details page and in the summary on the left panel when accessed from within the Explorer.