Where do Altmetric's course syllabi data come from?

Altmetric has partnered with The Open Syllabus Project (OSP), who have provided us with a database containing mention counts from over 1 million course syllabi. Each “mention” within a course syllabus is simply displayed in Altmetric as a count. We also provide information about the institution that produced the syllabus.

How much do course syllabi contribute to the Altmetric Attention Score?

Any mentions from syllabi contribute a maximum of 1 point to the Altmetric Attention Score.

Due to copyright restrictions and our licensing agreement with The Open Syllabus Project, we do not have permission to display the original course syllabi text and therefore cannot show additional syllabus information such as course year, course name, instructor name, number of students, mention context, and so on. However, The Open Syllabus Project data are auditable and we do link directly to their to institution-level pages. These institution-level pages show the names of all referenced texts (research outputs) from the institution’s course syllabi, so that users can verify the syllabi counts and institution names displayed on Altmetric.

Where can I see course syllabi data?

Inside of the Explorer you can sort results by OpenSyllabus. You can do this by clicking on "Sort by" and then selecting "Syllabi" under "Sources". That way you can search for the items in your institution with the most references in OpenSyllabus. 

OpenSyllabus data is also visible on Details Pages, under the "Syllabi" tab. Where applicable, the name and location of the institution will appear on a map of the world.