The Altmetric Explorer has a powerful search interface, with both basic and advanced search options.

Quick Search

When you login, you'll see "Quick Search" at the top right hand side of the page. Here you can enter a simple search term (such as a keyword, author name, department name, publication title, journal name, research output type, etc.) and dive into your Altmetric data right away.

If you are an Altmetric Explorer for Institutions user, you can also select whether or not to search within your own institution's verified research outputs, or expand your search to the full Altmetric database. You can read more about this functionality here.

The animation below demonstrates how to run a Quick Search.

Advanced Search

Alternatively, you can choose "Edit Search" to open an Advanced Search menu with many other ways to refine your search queries and the drill down into the most relevant research output results. 

If you are an Altmetric Explorer for Institutions user, you can also select whether or not to search within your own institution's verified research outputs, or expand your search to the full Altmetric database. You can read more about this functionality here.

You can enter multiple filters at a time: 

The table below explains the various basic and advanced search options.


Filter nameHow to use it
(Explorer for Institutions only)
Full Altmetric database/My institution only
Choose between these tick boxes to search either within the full database or across your institution's verified research outputs. Your institution's research outputs are defined by the data integration your organization has provided to us. The full database includes all research outputs Altmetric has ever tracked
(Explorer for Institutions only)
Verified Author
Verified Department
These filters allow you to search for an author name or department/group name from your institution as defined by your institution's data integration. Read more about searching within your own institution's verified research outputs here.
Publisher nameSearch for a publisher name to see results for their content across all supported platforms for journals, books, and other outputs.
DOI Prefix
Enter a full DOI prefix, such as 10.1371, so you can see all the outputs from a particular publisher or journal.
Journal or CollectionEnter the name of a journal (such as "Journal of Botany") to retrieve all tracked articles published in a given journal. You can also search by ISSN (a journal identifier such as "0373-6687"), for a collection (such as "figshare"), or click to search for a list of ISSNs.
Funder NameEnter the name of a funder (such as "US Forest Service") to retrieve all articles in the Altmetric database associated with a given funder. You can perform this search using the name of the funder or its GRID ID (such as "grid.419696.5"). (More details here)
Handle PrefixEnter a Handle prefix such as "10986" to search for all outputs from a given institution's repository.

Search for a keyword to return relevant results and their Altmetric data. The results will include any outputs from the Altmetric database that have a publication title, author name, editor name, and/or journal title that matches the keyword. Please note that Boolean operators are not supported.
Subject areas (FoR Code)
Enter the name of a subject area, such as "Plant Biology," to retrieve all outputs from the Altmetric database associated with a given subject area. You can also search directly by FoR Code (Field of Research code) such as "0607" to retrieve the same results.
Affiliations (GRID ID)
Enter the name of an institution, such as "University of Cambridge," or use the institution's GRID ID to return all outputs authored by individuals affiliated with the institution.
Title of OutputSearch by full or partial publication title, such as "Dinosaur egg colour had a single evolutionary origin" or just "Dinosaur." 
Type of Output
Filter by output type as defined in the Altmetric database. Tick each box to include in your search: Articles, Books, Book chapters, Data sets, Clinical trial records, and News stories. Note that Explorer for Publishers users must have a license to the Altmetric Book Index in order to view books and book chapters.
Open Access StatusTick this box to include only outputs with known Open Access versions in your search. Open Access status for each research output is either "true" or "false," meaning that an Open Access version is available or that no such version is available. Ticking this box restricts your search results to those outputs with Open Access status being "true." (More details here)
Scholarly IdentifiersUse this function if you want to search for more than one scholarly identifier at the same time. Click "Add Scholarly Identifiers" to enter a list of up to 25,000 scholarly identifiers, including DOIs, ISBNs, PubMed IDs, arXiv IDs, URNs, and URLs. You can enter a single scholarly identifier into the quick search to perform a speedier search for a single research output.
Search by any author's ORCID (such as "0000-0002-9079-593X") to see all of the outputs in their ORCID profile. It is only possible to search by one ORCID at a time.
PubMed Query
Search using the PubMed query (e.g., for author names, affiliations, MeSH terms, etc.) to retrieve results in from PubMed directly. For more information on how to use the PubMed filter, see this support article.
Publication DateEnter beginning and end dates to restrict your search results to publications published within a given timeframe.
Altmetric Mentions DuringSelect a timeframe to search for publications that have received mentions within the past day, three weeks, week, month, 3 months, 6 months, year, or any time.