The Altmetric Explorer allows you to browse, sort, and save research output search results. See the table below for the full list of browsing and sorting options in the Altmetric Explorer.

Browsing research output search results

After you have run a search query for specific research outputs, you can can view the search results in the Research Outputs Tab. This tab can be viewed either with results arranged in a grid or a list. All research outputs have Altmetric donuts; clicking on the donuts open up details pages for each record (listing the full attention data for each research output). 

If you wish to share the results of a particular search query with other Explorer users at the same institution, you can do this simply by copying the webpage URL from the browser address bar.

You can also save your search results by clicking on the "Save searchbutton on the right-hand side of the screen.

Verified research outputs (Explorer for Institutions only)

If you are using Altmetric Explorer for Institutions, you will also notice that all research outputs that belong to your institution will also contain a blue checkmark:Any research output that has been identified as belonging to your institution (via your data implementation) gets a small blue checkmark, indicating that it is a “verified” output. Keep an eye out for the blue ticks when searching across the entire database as they help identify your institutional outputs! If you are an institutional administrator, you can ensure that research outputs are verified by including the output’s scholarly identifier during your data implementation with Altmetric (e.g., by adding to your CRIS or IR).

Sorting research output search results

Within the Research Outputs Tab, you can also sort all of the research outputs by specific facets. The table below outlines all the different options for sorting results. Note that sort order is preserved whenever you export your research outputs to a CSV spreadsheet, save your search query to the Saved Searches panel, or create a Shareable Report.

Sort option
Sort outputs by Altmetric Attention Score (highest first or lowest first)
In order to show the most popular outputs or the ones without any attention yet, you can sort all search results by Altmetric Attention Score.
Sort outputs by publication date (newest first or oldest first)

In order to identify the most recent (or oldest) research outputs in your search query, you can sort all search results by publication date.
Sort outputs by total number of mentions in an attention source

In order to identify the outputs that have received the most attention in particular online source (e.g., news, Twitter, or policy), you can sort all search results by Altmetric attention source.

Sort output by number of Dimensions citations
In order to identify the outputs in the Altmetric database that have been cited most frequently, you can sort all search results by the number of Dimensions citations.
Sort outputs by number of Mendeley readers
In order to identify the outputs that have been saved the most to Mendeley libraries, you can sort all search results by the number of Mendeley readers recorded for each research output.
Sort outputs by number of mentions
As an alternative to sorting by the Altmetric Attention Score, you can also sort results by the total number of mentions received, or by number of mentions in a particular fixed timeframe (past day, week, month, 3 month, 6 months, 1 year).