In Advanced Search, you can enter any PubMed query to retrieve the research outputs and attention tracked by Altmetric. Find research outputs using author names, affiliations, MeSH terms, and more using the PubMed search tags. 

Step-by-step guide

An easy way to search PubMed via Explorer for Institutions is to construct your search in the PubMed Advanced Search Builder and then paste the terms in the Explorer PubMed Query search.

1. Go to 

2. Enter your search terms and select specific fields in the Builder drop-down options


3. Copy the search string from the box at the top . E.g. (Kahneman D[Author]) AND Happiness[MeSH Terms]in the example above. 

4. Go to Explorer for Institutions and choose Advanced Search


5. Select Add a PubMed Query and paste your PubMed search string

6. Hit Create Query

7. Your search will query the PubMed database and all outputs with Altmetric attention will display in the results panel! 


Try out some different searches using any PubMed search terms in the PubMed syntax, which can be found here. Enter any PubMed query in the Explorer and this will return up to 25,000 research outputs in the Altmetric search results.