Altmetric tracks Twitter attention in real-time via an API. We collect tweets, retweets, and quoted tweets that contain a direct link to a scholarly output from a publisher we are tracking. 

On an Altmetric Details Page, as in the example below, tweets are listed by time of publication in descending order, with the most recent ones available at the top of the page. You can see who tweeted about the research output, the content of the tweet and reply, retweet and favourite from within the details page. 


The listed Tweets as they appear in real time on an Altmetric Details Page.

You can see tweets under the "Twitter" tab on the details page, they also appear as a light blue in the Altmetric donut. 


The Twitter tab on an Altmetric Details Page.

Altmetric does not track tweets that contain links to news stories or blog posts about scholarly outputs (e.g a tweet of a news story about a journal article). These are considered "second-order citations", as they are pieces of attention about the output and not the output itself.