Why can't I click on some news mentions?

In the United Kingdom, under The Copyright Designs & Patents Act 1988, headlines are copyrighted. To collect the data from UK newspapers Altmetric signed an agreement with the Newspaper Licensing Authority, which prevents us from including the links and headline to a news story unless the user also has a license from this same agency. As we can't verify that every person who views our Details Pages has this license we choose not to display the headline and link. 

How does Altmetric represent these news stories?

While we can't display the title or provide the link through, we can add a placeholder so users know when and where the output was mentioned.


                                                                                    Above is a Details Page with a restricted news story

How can I find one of these news stories?

To find the news story you can use a keyword search in your preferred search engine.

The ideal keyword search would be: Name of News Agency AND the snippet of text AND publication date. Using the example from above, you would search for; 

Most available antidepressants do not help children and teenagers AND Daily Mail AND June 8, 2016.

This search should bring you to this page. 

If you have any questions about finding news attention or about licensing restrictions please to reach out to support@altmetric.com and we'd be happy to help.