Altmetric now supports the ability to export individual mentions from the Explorer! That means you can download a spreadsheet with the links to news stories, policy documents, and more. This advanced functionality allows users to investigate and evaluate the granular qualitative data, by reviewing the mentions themselves. 

How do I export the mentions?

You should start with a search. You can do a basic search or you can use the Advanced Search filters. Once you've completed your search, you should click on the Results Analysis button.

Navigate to the mentions tab, from there you can further refine your data. You can filter by type of mention you’d like to see (e.g Policy Documents) and time (e.g published between January 1st and November 30th, 1995).

Once you’ve filtered your results you can then export the mentions by click on the link that says “Export mentions data as a CSV spreadsheet”. The spreadsheet will begin downloading.

You can then open the spreadsheet and see the individual mentions including the link to the original mention.