Technical documentation

Please refer to the Altmetric Explorer API technical documentation for detailed information about authentication, API endpoints, and more.

Before using the Explorer API for commercial purposes (including external-facing websites), please check your Altmetric Explorer contract to ensure that your organization is authorized to use the API for commercial purposes.

The Altmetric Explorer API gives programmatic access to all of the research outputs and attention data within your instance of the Altmetric Explorer, making it easy to integrate Altmetric data (including custom queries) into external websites, dashboards, visualizations, and reports with a bit of programming knowledge.

For customers with an institutional data implementation, imported information such as author names, department or group names, and institutional research outputs are all searchable via the Explorer API. This data is very similar to the data contained in the CSV spreadsheet exports. However, with the API you are able to access it programmatically and check for updates. You will need some programming experience in order to pull data from this API.

You may find the Altmetric Explorer API useful if you:

  • Want to display a list of the most popular 50 research outputs from your institution's departments on a Library website.
  • Want to display a chart of attention over time for a journal’s outputs on an internal website.
  • Want to display a list of the latest policy mentions of your institution’s outputs on a custom dashboard.

Important note: Your organization's subscription to the Altmetric Explorer must include access to the Altmetric Explorer API in order for you to access the "Open results in API" export option for research outputs and the Results Analysis tabs. If you would like to enquire about access to the Altmetric Explorer API, please get in touch with us.

Data license


- Do attribute the data to

- Do feel free to use the Altmetric data for academic projects. (Read our guide for describing Altmetric data.)

- Do contact us about commercial projects, there are some important third party licensing restrictions.

- Do not redistribute the data in bulk.


If you use the Altmetric API in an app or mashup, please attribute us prominently on the page where the data is displayed. Our official branding guidelines include more information on how to credit us appropriately.