Altmetric now supports searching by affiliation in the Explorer! Author affiliations data are supplied to Altmetric by Dimensions, and are matched to individual research outputs. Only affiliations with GRID IDs are supported -individual departments within organizations are generally not supported unless they have been assigned a distinct GRID ID. Don't see your institution? You can reach out to GRID here to suggest including your institution in their dataset. 

Is affiliation information available for other output types, such as datasets?

At this time, our affiliations information is available only for journal articles.

Quick search

In the Quick Search, you can type in the name of an institution or a GRID ID, and see a list of suggestions of matching subjects. 

Quick search in the Altmetric Explorer using the affiliations “Yale”

Advanced search

In the Advanced Search, you can select one or more institutions or GRID IDs to create a more detailed search query. 

A search for the institutional affiliation "Yale" and neuroscience using the FoR code (1109)

The result of the University of Oslo affiliation search in the Highlights tab

In the Research Outputs tab, you can also view the affiliations for individual research outputs in your search results - simply switch to the ‘List view’ of the Research Outputs tab to view these affiliations.

Research outputs with their affiliations

How do I view the top affiliations for my search?

Our new Highlights Tab block will show up to 3 institutional affiliations whose research outputs have the most mentions, for any given search query.

Top affiliations associated with this search query

The top 3 affiliations are determined by identifying the organizations whose outputs hold the greatest share of attention within the given search query. The percentages are calculated by taking the total number of mentions associated with outputs from those institutions, and dividing by the total number of mentions in the search query.

How do I export affiliations data from the Explorer?

From the Research Outputs and Mentions tabs, you can also export the affiliations data using the CSV exports and the Explorer API

Altmetric affiliations information in the CSV export

Altmetric affiliations information in the Explorer API

If you have any questions about searching by subject area please email and we’d be happy to help!