In July 2019, as part of Twitter’s licensing agreement with Altmetric, we made some updates to the Twitter data that is surfaced in the Altmetric Details Page and Altmetric Explorer APIs, as well as the Altmetric Explorer CSV exports. Below you will find information on exactly what has changed, and how you can work directly with Twitter to obtain any additional information you need going forward. 

The Altmetric APIs and data exports will only include the following Twitter-related data:

  • Tweet ID (Twitter’s ID for an individual tweet)

  • User ID (Twitter’s ID for an individual tweeter)

  • Aggregated tweet counts

  • Aggregated demographics (e.g., “member of the public”)

  • Aggregated tweet counts by country

Please note that these changes in Twitter data availability only apply to the Altmetric APIs and Explorer CSV exports. The changes do not change what you can see in the Altmetric Explorer or Altmetric Details Pages.

How to obtain additional Twitter information

If you are working on a project that requires information about tweets or tweeters, that is not available via Altmetric’s APIs, then you will need to request the additional data directly from Twitter’s own API services. You can utilize the Tweet IDs and User IDs that you obtain from Altmetric’s APIs to then query the Twitter API for additional information. If you are using Twitter data for your projects, please ensure that you are compliant with Twitter's Developer Policy and Twitter's Terms of Service.

First, you will need to apply for developer access to Twitter’s APIs here.

Once you have obtained access to Twitter’s Developer Portal, you will be able to send requests to the Twitter API. To access detailed information for individual tweets (which Twitter refers to as “statuses”), you can query the Twitter API using a single Tweet ID.

Alternatively, you can request detailed information for a batch of up to 100 tweets at a time using multiple Tweet IDs.


If you have questions about the changes, please feel free to reach out to our team at We’d be happy to help!