The Mention Sources tab

Available for Institutional and Publisher customers, the Mention Sources tab makes it even easier to identify who is talking about your work and allow you to view which specific mention sources (e.g., specific tweeters, news outlets, policy sources, and more) have mentioned your research the most.

You can find the Mention Sources tab by log in to your Explorer account and it will appear at the top of the screen, in the grey menu bar.

This tab gives you the ability to view and export a list of all the mention sources (e.g., profiles or outlets) that have mentioned your research outputs. The mention sources in the list appear in descending order of mention counts. For each mention source, an option to show the most recent 3 mentions is available, for a “sneak peek” into what this mention source tends to discuss.

You can also filter or sort the list of mention sources as follows:

  • Filter the list by one or more attention sources (e.g., All Tweeters, All News Outlets)

  • Filter by country (for tweeters, news outlets, Facebook pages, and policy sources, if the country information is available)

  • Filter by mention timeframe (must be set either to “all-time” or restricted to a maximum of 1 year)

  • Sort by Twitter follower count (for tweeters only, if the follower count is available)

Exporting the data

You can export the list of Mention Sources from the tab into CSV spreadsheet format.

If you have access to the Altmetric Explorer API, you can  access the data in a new Mention Sources endpoint of the Altmetric Explorer API.

Please note that due to restrictions regarding the Twitter data, we are only able to show the User ID (Twitter’s ID for an individual tweeter) for each tweeter. Further information about what Twitter data is allowed to be surfaced in the Altmetric Explorer API is available here.