This feature allows you to quickly hone in on original Twitter conversations.


The Mentions Tab


The Mentions tab of the Altmetric Explorer is one of the most powerful pages of the platform, as it allows users to view all of the individual mentions for any search query. We have added a Mentions tab filter which enables users to view original tweets only, excluding retweets. 


To see the original tweets only, simply hover the Add Source menu and select “Tweets (original)”



If users wish to view all tweets, they can continue to do so by selecting the “Tweets (all)” filter in the dropdown source selection, or by selecting “All Tweets” in the attention source search box.



Export data to CSV or open in the API


The original tweets data can easily be exported to a CSV spreadsheet, however only selected data for individual tweets will be available in the CSV export. This is due to licensing restrictions from Twitter, which mean that the Altmetric Explorer can only provide the Tweet ID and User ID (individual tweeter ID) in data exports.


Selected data (Tweet ID and User ID) pertaining to original tweets can also be viewed in the Explorer API, via the Mentions endpoint. Users who have access to the Explorer API can open the Mentions tab results in the API and will see the filter type:original_tweet applied.


You can read more about the Twitter data that are available in the CSV exports and Explorer API here.


This Altmetric Explorer feature is only available for subscribers of the Explorer for Publishers and Explorer for Institutions.