Altmetric Details Page API - Full Access includes the 'fetch' call which provides more detailed information about the mentions. 


The ‘fetch’ calls allows users to see full details of the mentions, including the URLs to the mentions themselves. 


There are two exceptions with the “fetch” call, X  and certain news sources that fall under UK licensing restrictions. Unfortunately, due to licensing restrictions, we are not allowed to display the full body mentions of X posts and detailed information about individual posts or users — more information is available here.


Additionally, we are not permitted to surface information related to certain news sources. More information about why we can’t display some news mentions is available here.


For more information about our API, query parameters you can use, and the fields it returns please visit this page to see our technical documentation.


When should I use the Altmetric Details Page API - Full Access?


The Altmetric Details Page API - Full Access is optimized for specific queries about single research outputs. To use the Full Access version of the Details Page API you will need some programming knowledge. There are various “wrappers” in different languages (e.g Python, Ruby) available on Github or you can choose to write your own software. 


Before using our API data, please read our usage restrictions here.


Do I need an API key to access the Altmetric Details Page API?


You do need an API key for the Full Access API, as it includes the /fetch/ call. 

If you are a scientometric researcher and would like an API key as a  for a specific project, please visit the Researcher Data Access Program page.