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  • Times are changing, and we are too! As of 2021, Altmetric is re-imagining the Top 100. Since its launch, this annual list of the most-discussed research papers of the year has demonstrated the influence and reach that it is possible for research... more
  • Many companies track their ‘scientific share of voice’, a metric that compares the volume of research literature for their products in comparison to competitors. This metric misses a key constituency; health care providers (HCPs) who are influent... more
  • We've created new pages for guiding our users through a few steps to get started using Altmetric Explorer.    Find all our training videos here.   Or visit the following pages for specific training and guides about: Altmetric Explorer f... more
  • Check the System Status for each of the Altmetric Products here

Popular Solution articles

  • What mentions does Altmetric track?   Altmetric tracks Wikipedia references in certain languages (full list here) using the Wikipedia Events API. Mentions to research are identified when they are: In the "References" section of an ... more
  • This guide is a “best practices” document for describing Altmetric’s data in documentation and resulting publications based upon studies of our data. We kindly ask that anyone who includes data in presentations, LibGuides, videos, o... more
  • Can we add book badges to an institutional repository?   Yes, you can add badges for books to your institutional repository records! For any book or monograph records with an ISBN as the primary identifier, use the instructions on our technical... more
  • Using the third-party EPrints plugin for Altmetric   The source files and documentation for EPrints plugin can be found here.    Please note that the plugin was not developed by Altmetric, but was created by a third-party. As such, you should... more
  • Adding the badges with Primo   Primo provides a free plugin that allows anyone with a Primo instance to add Altmetric institutional repository badges.    The Primo Developer Network can provide additional information regarding implementation.... more
  • Adding the badges with Summon   Summon allows clients to integrate Altmetric badges in search results. Badges will appear for any scholarly outputs with a unique identifier (such as a DOI or PubMed ID) and attention tracked by Altmetric.   Re... more
  • How to use filters to customize your share of voice report Share of voice reports include report and focus area filters that allow you to customize your reports for therapeutic areas, products, journals, countries, and publication years.   ... more
  • Implementing the badges for books with ISBNs   Implementing badges for books is as simple as any of our other badges. Technical materials with instructions for embedding badges can be found here.    Just add the <div> element specifying... more
  • The CSV Uploader Tool for Altmetric Explorer for Institutions (EFI) is used to quickly update the data implementation for your organization’s Explorer instance. You will be able to use the CSV Uploader Tool to update the department or group hiera... more
  • In order to enable Altmetric Explorer for Institutions access via your EZProxy server, Altmetric requires the following database definition in config.txt:   Title Explorer for Institutions HTTPHeader Origin HTTPHeader -request -rewrite Origin... more