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  • The Open Access filter allows users to understand the influence Open Access has on online attention and how research outputs have been discussed online. The Altmetric Explorer, Explorer API and CSV spreadsheet exports retrieve all Open Access... more
  • Check the full Altmetric Top 100 here. From Covid-19 to engineering the perfect espresso, controversial, important, and unusual research and scholarly editorials from across the sciences, arts, and humanities feature in this year's Altme... more
  • We've created new pages for guiding our users through a few steps to get started using Altmetric Explorer.    Find all our training videos here.   Or visit the following pages for specific training and guides about: Altmetric Explorer f... more
  • Check the System Status for each of the Altmetric Products here

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  • What mentions does Altmetric track?   Altmetric tracks Wikipedia references in certain languages (full list here) using the Wikipedia Events API. Mentions to research are identified when they are: In the "References" secti... more
  • This guide is a “best practices” document for describing Altmetric’s data in documentation and resulting publications based upon studies of our data. We kindly ask that anyone who includes data in presentations, LibGuides, videos, o... more
  • For preprints hosted in repositories where more than one scholarly identifiers have been assigned, the preprint and the final published versions are treated as two unique outputs in Altmetric. For this reason, we are unable to merge the preprint ... more
  • Background   In July 2019, as part of Twitter’s licensing agreement with Altmetric, we made some updates to the Twitter data that is surfaced in the Altmetric Details Page and Altmetric Explorer APIs, as well as the Altmetric Explorer ... more
  • Altmetric currently tracks more than 15,000 blogs and 5000 news sources and we are always looking for new sources and encourage anyone to submit a suggestion.    Suggestions we accept include: New sources Blogs (must hav... more
  • What are missed mentions?   Missed mentions are mentions of research outputs across our tracked attention sources that match our tracking requirements and should have been automatically picked up by our system but have been missed.    Our pol... more
  • The Altmetric Attention Score is a weighted count of the amount of attention we've picked up but we also take into account many other factors depending on the type of source the attention comes from. Below are the most common modifiers that ... more
  • Before you begin Please make sure your data has the correct format. Information about how to prepare the data can be found here   Accessing the CSV Uploader Tool   In order to access the CSV Uploader Tool, you must be set as an administra... more
  • The CSV Uploader Tool for Altmetric Explorer for Institutions (EFI) is used to quickly update the data implementation for your organization’s Explorer instance. You will be able to use the CSV Uploader Tool to update the department or group hiera... more
  • What are Institutional Repository badges?    Repository badges are an easy way of displaying an article's attention to both your researchers and external visitors to your repository. These badges are customisable, so they can be tailored t... more