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  • Times are changing, and we are too! As of 2021, Altmetric is re-imagining the Top 100. Since its launch, this annual list of the most-discussed research papers of the year has demonstrated the influence and reach that it is possible for research... more
  • Many companies track their ‘scientific share of voice’, a metric that compares the volume of research literature for their products in comparison to competitors. This metric misses a key constituency; health care providers (HCPs) who are influent... more
  • We've created new pages for guiding our users through a few steps to get started using Altmetric Explorer.    Find all our training videos here.   Or visit the following pages for specific training and guides about: Altmetric Explorer f... more
  • Check the System Status for each of the Altmetric Products here

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  • Overview If your repository doesn’t accurately represent your organization's hierarchical structure, for example you want to limit what departments you can see in the Explorer or you want to use different wording - not to worry. Here at Alt... more
  • At Altmetric, we are committed to equitable accessibility of our products and services, to the extent possible. In pursuit of that goal, we have undertaken the following: We use  sans-serif fonts (Montserrat and Open Sans)  for the Altmetric E... more
  • What mentions does Altmetric track?   Altmetric tracks Wikipedia references in certain languages (full list here) using the Wikipedia Events API. Mentions to research are identified when they are: In the "References" section of an ... more
  • In Advanced Search, you can enter a PubMed query to retrieve the associated research outputs and attention tracked by Altmetric.    You can use PubMed queries to find research outputs that match author names, affiliations, MeSH terms, and more.... more
  • Filtering by Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are targets for global development adopted by the United Nations in September 2015, and set to be achieved by 2030. Comprised of 17 interconnected goal... more
  • Author affiliations data are supplied to Altmetric by Dimensions, and are matched to individual research outputs. Only affiliations with GRID IDs are supported -individual departments within organizations are generally not supported unless they h... more
  • Altmetric started tracking attention to research across various attention sources in October 2011. The table below lists the dates when source coverage began and ended, if applicable.    Coverage dates refer to when Altmetric set up tracking of... more
  • What are patents?   Patents are a form of intellectual property, and are a set of exclusive rights granted by a state or intergovernmental organisation to an inventor or assignee for a limited period of time in exchange for detailed public disc... more
  • TABLE OF CONTENTS Do I need to pay for access? How should I acknowledge Altmetric for sharing its data? How should I describe Altmetric’s data in my research articles, presentations, etc? Can I share the portion of Altmetric data that I’v... more
  • Clarivate Analytics Web of Science™ citation data is available in the Altmetric Explorer for Web of Science subscribers.    If you are a Web of Science Web Services Lite or Web Services Expanded subscriber, you can arrange for Web of Science ci... more