The Altmetric Explorer API gives programmatic access to all of the research outputs and attention data within your instance of the Altmetric Explorer, making it easy to integrate Altmetric data (including custom queries) into external websites, dashboards, visualizations, and reports with a bit of programming knowledge. The Explorer API is accessed from within the Altmetric Explorer.

For customers with an institutional data implementation, imported information such as author names, department or group names, and institutional research outputs are all searchable via the Explorer API. For example, users can query the Explorer API by a particular department or author name and see all associated Altmetric data, including data relating to research outputs, mentions, demographics, journals, and more. This data is very similar to the data contained in the CSV spreadsheet exports. However, with the API you are able to access it programmatically and check for updates. You will need some programming experience in order to pull data from this API.


To access the Altmetric Explorer API results, hover over the “Export This Tab” button and click on “Open results in API”.



Users can build research output search queries using the Quick or the Advanced Search in the Altmetric Explorer, and then use the “Export this tab” button to view the information in the JSON format of the Explorer API.


Altmetric attention data from the Research Outputs tab, the Timeline tab, the Demographics tab, the Mentions tab, and the Journals tab can be viewed in JSON format. More information on how to use the Explorer API can be found here.