General resources

  • Questions about Altmetric’s data collection practices, sources, etc: We describe most of our data collection practices and sources here in the Altmetric Support portal and the Altmetric Details Page API documentation. In the event that these resources do not include the information you seek, we’d be happy to answer your more advanced questions--contact us.

  • Guide to describing Altmetric’s data: Please follow this guide when sharing your study publicly. It includes the proper terminology to use when talking about the Altmetric Attention Score, social media metrics sourced from Altmetric, and more.

  • Altmetric logos: If you wish to include Altmetric logos or branding in a presentation or publication about Altmetric, use these visual resources.

  • LibGuides for Researcher: In this zip file you'll find copies of the webpages and supporting files, as well as PDF copies of each page's text and visuals.


Altmetric Explorer resources



Altmetric Details Page API resources

  • The Altmetric Details Page API documentation can be found here. To request an API key to make high-volume API calls for your research project, please apply for the Altmetric Researcher Data Access Program by emailing [email protected].

  • Third-party software packages: Researchers have developed some nice packages for using the Altmetric Details Page API, including rAltmetric (R), PyAltmetric (Python), and altmetric (Ruby). These packages are not developed nor maintained by Altmetric--please contact the packages’ respective owners for more information or to report bugs.

  • Answers to most JSON-related questions can be found on the Q&A site StackOverflow.