The Altmetric Explorer allows users to search the Altmetric database. In order to optimize performance of the platform and ensure that the Altmetric Explorer can quickly return results for complex search queries, Altmetric takes a "snapshot" of the entire database every day at midnight (UTC).


This means that overview statistics (e.g., number of mentions, number of mentioned research outputs) and organization data (departmental hierarchies, department names, author names, and associated research outputs - for Explorer for Institutions customers only) remain static for 24 hours, until the next snapshot is run.


Only overview statistics and organization data remain static. All Altmetric details pages use live data for individual research outputs. This means that there may occasionally be slight discrepancies between the data shown in the Explorer versus the data users see on the live Altmetric Details Pages


At the bottom of pages in the Altmetric Explorer, a message is displayed to inform users of when the last data update took place, and when the next one is scheduled to run.


Dimensions citation counts are also updated daily, but on a slightly different schedule compared to other Altmetric data. As such, Dimension citation counts lag behind the latest values by approximately 24 hours. However, the most up-to-date citation counts can be seen in the "Dimensions citations" tab of the Altmetric details pages.