Searching for mentions from a specific attention source


The Mentions Tab of the Altmetric Explorer lets you view the individual mentions, as well as the attention sources, mention outlets, or mention authors, for any research output search query.


On the Mentions Tab, you can filter by attention source type (e.g., News, X, Policy) by hovering over the "Add Source" button and selecting an option from the drop-down menu.



Searching for specific mention outlet or author


You can also search for a specific mention outlet or author name, which may include:

  • X user handles (e.g., @altmetric)

  • Google+ accounts

  • Facebook Pages

  • Blogs

  • News outlets (e.g., The Guardian, BBC News, etc.)

  • Policy sources (e.g., The Food and Drug Administration)

  • ... and many other sources


In the search bar, start typing in the name of the source and an autocomplete drop-down list of suggestions will appear. You can then select the appropriate source that you wish to search for in the mentions results. 


You can also restrict the mentions results by specific mention dates and/or country. Once you are happy with your filters, click on the "Apply" button to search for mentions results.


If you wish to view a list of news highlights, click on the "Highlights Only" button. The news highlights are selected if they belong to high-profile, international news sources curated by Altmetric.



Exporting the results


Once you’ve filtered your mention results, you can then export the mentions to a spreadsheet or to the Altmetric Explorer API (if your subscription has the API enabled). 


To download the mentions as a spreadsheet, click on the button that says "Export this tab". Choose the option that says “Export mentions data as a CSV spreadsheet”. The Mentions Tab export spreadsheet will begin downloading immediately.