In order to regularly monitor attention for the research that you care about, you can subscribe to Altmetric email reports. The email reports are sent on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, and can help you to keep up-to-date with new mentions of your research outputs. 


How to set up an email report

  1. Using the Quick Search or Advanced Search, create a search query for specific research outputs that you wish to monitor.

  2. On any tab (e.g., the Highlights Tab or the Research Outputs Tab), click the "Save Search" button on the right side of the screen.

  3. Go to the Saved Searches panel, accessible via the left-hand sidebar:



  1. If you wish, you can re-name your saved search to something memorable, using the green "edit" button (the pencil icon).

  2. Select Daily, Weekly, or Monthly - this will set the email report's frequency and also the timeframe that the report covers.

  3. You can also send a test email report to see what things look like; click on the blue button (the paper airplane icon) to send the test email. The example report will be a monthly email report, and looks like this:




You can view or unsubscribe from any of your email reports by following the links at the end of each email report.  


Report overview


Let's take a look at the contents of the report in more detail. At the top of the report, you will see:

  • The title of your saved search query, e.g., Report for all research outputs from Lilliput University in Department of Humanities sorted by Altmetric Attention Score. 

  • See the specific timeframe for your report, e.g., Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. 


In Report Summary:

  • Total mentions: The total number of individual mentions for outputs in your search.

  • Research outputs: The total number of research outputs (journal articles, books, etc.) in your search.

  • With mentions: The total number of research outputs with mentions in your search. 


In Recent Activity:

  • Total number of new mentions of outputs in your search result in the given timeframe. You can click the links to go to the Mentions Tab in the Explorer and see the new mentions in a specific attention source, e.g., 12 new blog posts. 


Your reports also include a list of research outputs with the most mentions in your given timeframe, so you can keep an eye on trending papers. Click through from the email reports to see the recent activity in the Altmetric Explorer, so you'll never miss a mention.