If you wish to share a custom report of your Altmetric attention data with others (including colleagues who do not have access to the Altmetric Explorer), you can create and send a Shareable Report.


Shareable Reports are generated from the Saved Searches panel. For any saved search in your list, you can click on the icon in the Shareable Reports column to create or edit a Shareable Report. 


A popup window containing the report will open up. The report is automatically generated based on the research outputs contained in your saved search query.



Within the Shareable Report window, you can simply keep the default data blocks that are pre-populated, or you can customize various aspects of the blocks. Click on the "Edit report" button to open the editor view and make changes to your report. For example, it is possible to edit the title of the report, change the order of the blocks, or configure the data displayed in certain blocks.


On the left-hand sidebar of the report editor view, several “Reporting Blocks” are visible to add to the report:

  1. Add Title - adds the default saved search title, but can also be edited to make a custom title or section heading.

  2. Add Overview - adds the overview stats for the outputs contained in your search query.

  3. Add Attention Breakdown - adds the breakdown by attention source for outputs contained in your search query.

  4. Add Attention Chart - a chart of mentions over time, which is configurable to show all mentions or mentions from specific sources; the time frame is also configurable.

  5. Add Top Outputs List - a list of the top 5, 10, or 20 outputs contained in your search query, sorted by whatever parameter you had selected in your search query.


Every time you make a change to your Shareable Report, you must also click the “save changes” button, otherwise the changes will not be published.


The data contained within the Shareable Report are dynamic, meaning that they will update whenever anything has changed. This means that when you share the public link to the Shareable Report, the data will always be up-to-date, and match what you see for that search query within the Altmetric Explorer.


How to share your report


Shareable Reports can easily be printed out, saved as a PDF (supported in certain browsers only), or shared via a public link. Reports that have been made public can then be viewed by anyone with who has the link, but you can easily revoke the report's public status by either editing the report or deleting the associated saved search entirely.


Printing out your report, or saving it as a PDF


Once you finished editing the content of your Shareable Report, you can print out or save a snapshot of the report. Click on the "Print report" button on the top right-hand corner of the Shareable Report window. When the print dialog box opens, you can either send the document to a printer, or you can choose an option to "Save as PDF". (This will essentially "print" the document to a PDF file instead of sending it to a physical printer.)


If you have opted to save the Shareable Report as a PDF, please note that the data will then be fixed in time. If you wish to share a dynamic, automatically updated version of the Shareable Report with someone else, you can instead provide a public link. See the next section for more information.


Creating a public link to your Shareable Report


To create a public link to your Shareable Report, click on "Edit report" to open the editor view. On the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, you will see an option to share the report: tick the checkbox to make your report publicly accessible by a URL, and then click "Save changes" to set this live.



Once you have made your report public, you can get the URL for your report by copying it from the address bar of the window, or by clicking the "Share report" button. Once the report is public, anyone with the link can view the report, even if they don’t have Altmetric Explorer access. However, please note that search engines will not index the report.


If you wish to hide your Shareable Report, you should re-open the editor view and un-tick the checkbox and make the report private again. Deleting the saved search that is associated with a public report will also immediately remove the public report from view.