The Altmetric/Dimensions Share of Voice report provides a unique, research-centered view of a company's share of voice in a research area, allowing for the first time the direct measurement of patient, doctor, and public engagement with research mentioning your company's products.


Customers can define one or more therapeutic areas (TA) and a range of products (including those of competitors) for inclusion in the report. This allows companies managing multiple product portfolios to monitor performance in a single report.


The report integrates clinical trial and publication data from Dimensions to help you understand the products with the greatest scientific share of voice in countries worldwide. 


Using the same publication and clinical trial data from Dimensions, Altmetric finds the articles and clinical trials that are discussed on social media and in the news, comparing the amount of research mentioning your company's product to those of your competitors.


Learn more about how we calculate scientific and social share of voice.


What data is included in the share of voice report?

The share of voice report draws on 68 million research publications (journal articles, preprints, and conference proceedings) and 640,000 Clinical Trials published from 2000 onward that are indexed by Dimensions. This includes the whole of PubMed (33 million publications), plus an additional 35 million publications provided by international publishers and search indices. Dimensions data also includes the whole of (380,000+ trials), plus 260,000 additional trials from China, India, and other countries.

The report also integrates data from Altmetric's 33.8 million tracked publications (including all PubMed articles that have been discussed online) and 71,000+ tracked clinical trials (sourced exclusively from