The Share of Voice report is a customizable report that helps companies understand their product research's performance in a topic or therapeutic area, in relation to competitors.


Scientific share of voice

Customers can define one or more therapeutic areas and competitors for inclusion in the report. 


Our data analysts then search Dimensions for topical publications and clinical trials that mention your company and your competitors, to measure scientific share of voice.


Scientific share of voice is the percentage of scholarly research that mentions a product in an article's title or abstract, compared to that of all research that mentions a company's or competitors'  products. 


The percentage of research mentioning a product is calculated as the number of articles mentioning a product in their title or abstract, divided by the total number of publications mentioning a company or its competitors products in a title or abstract. This percentage is calculated for all companies/products identified by customers for inclusion in the report.


In addition to publications, the Share of Voice report additionally incorporates global clinical trials to understand not only the published research on a drug, but also the extent of active testing of a drug in comparison to competitors. 


Social share of voice

Scientific share of voice cannot directly measure patient or health care provider engagement with research mentioning particular treatments. That's where social share of voice insights come in.


Altmetric data in the Share of Voice report illustrates public engagement with scientific research, based on research defined in the Dimensions therapeutic area search for scientific share of voice. Altmetric tracks discussions of product-related research across social media and news outlets to help you directly measure dissemination and engagement from patients, doctors, and other stakeholder groups.

For both news and social media engagement, social share of voice is measured as the percentage of Twitter or news mentions of scientific publications related to a product, compared to that of all mentions of research on competitors'  products.