React PDF is Not Working

I am worry about this problem because can't be able to fix this bugs, may any expert will tell me which mistake i am doing for this.I am not very expert but try to do something and recently I joined a hnd assignments writing help providing company and here I do work for bugs fixing but this time I get stuck so please anyone help me.

Here code sample mention below

onPageClick = ({ pageNumber }) => {

 alert('Clicked an item from page ' + pageNumber + '!')



 let display = [1,2,3,4,5].map((page, index) => {

 return (<Page key={index} onItemClick={this.onPageClick} pageNumber={index + 1} scale={1.0} width={100} />)



<Document file={this.state.fileDatapdf} 


 > {display}</Document>


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