The CSV Uploader Tool for Altmetric Explorer for Institutions (EFI) is used to quickly update the data implementation for your organization’s Explorer instance. You will be able to use the CSV Uploader Tool to update the department or group hierarchy, author names, and associated research outputs as often as you wish.


Before you begin


Before you begin, please ensure that you’ve prepared the following two files in CSV UTF-8 (Comma-Separated Values) format:

  1. departments/groups file - you must upload this each time you perform a new data upload.

  2. full publications file containing all of the publications you wish to view in your Institutional view of the Explorer. This file should contain columns for each of the following:

    • Publication identifiers (one column per type of identifier)

    • Author names in Lastname, Firstname format (with multiple authors separated by semicolon)

    • Departments/groups as they appear in your departments/groups file, if applicable (with multiple departments separated by semicolon)

Those files will define your instance's department/group structure, verified author list, the relationship between publications and authors, the relationship between publications and departments, and which publications are associated with your institution's view of the database. By linking publications with authors and publications with departments, you are making it possible to search by those authors or departments and return a list of associated publications.**

Note that saving the file in CSV UTF-8 format is important in order to ensure that all characters appear as expected in the Explorer database. 

To help you build a good integration file, you can download the CSV templates at the end of this page.


Uploading your data


To upload your data, you’ll need to be set as an administrator of your organization’s Altmetric Explorer instance. The CSV Uploader Tool can be found in the Administrator’s Panel, which is accessible via the wrench icon on the left-hand sidebar of the Explorer. Please check our article CSV Uploader Tool: Uploading the data for detailed instructions.


**A point of clarification: there is no functionality associated with the relationship between authors and departments. However, in the "My Institution" tab's Authors list, you will see a display of departments affiliated with each author, as follows:

This "Affiliation" list is based on all of the lines in the publications file in which this author appears. For example, if Dr. Gallegati is listed on five lines with five different publications and those five publications are sorted into several different departments, Dr. Gallegati will appear as being affiliated with all of those departments. This may be inaccurate, since oftentimes a given publication will belong to several departments and several authors, even though all of those authors do not actually belong to all of those departments.

While there is no important functionality associated with this "Affiliation" display, we recognize that it can be confusing when incorrect affiliations appear next to a given author's name, and are considering ways to change the display and/or the CSV importer so that this is clearer.

It is possible to ensure that every affiliation is listed correctly by separating each author for a given publication onto their own line. That is, you may list the same publication on multiple lines, with each line designating just one author and their relevant department/organizational unit, as in this example:

This way Drs. Fonda, Ford, and Hamill will each have just one affiliation listed under their names in the Authors tab.

If you are having trouble with this, please reach out to [email protected]