What does URN stand for?


URN stands for Uniform Resource Name and they are a unique identifier used primarily in European repositories. 


This would be an example of a URN: urn:nbn:se:norden:org:diva-4310

This is the link it resolves to: 


Details page for the output: https://norden.altmetric.com/details/5098664


How does Altmetric track URNs?


Altmetric track URNs the way it would any other registered identifier. We look for URN links in our many sources (e.g policy documents, news stories) and then match any attention to the appropriate Details Page. 


When did Altmetric start tracking attention to URNs?


Altmetric started tracking attention to URNs in early 2016.


How can I search for Altmetric data about a URN?


You can search for data about a URN the same way you would any other identifier. You can search for an identifier in the Explorer, using our API, or add them to your publications within your own institution's Explorer. 


For more information, we have a blog post here about our tracking of URNs.