The filters will allow users to quickly see and report on the engagement around funded research, understand the influence Open Access has on online attention and much more. It will allow you to find out how and by whom research funded by a specific organization and/or published Open Access has been discussed online. 


Search by funder name


Everyone who’s involved in the cycle of research funding, from staff at the funding organizations to research administrators and researchers, is required to demonstrate the impact of funded research. As citations sometimes take years to accrue, altmetrics can serve as an early indicator of impact before citations start to come in.


The Altmetric Explorer now makes it easier to find out what online engagement published research funded by a specific funder has had — as we’ve introduced a search option which allows Explorer users to use both the Advanced Search and Quick Search menus to search for specific funders (one or more at a time) by name or using the funder’s GRID ID. Funder names and data originate from our sister product Dimensions, which has a very robust collection of funder information.


To search by funder name, from the Explorer homepage, open the Advanced Search by clicking on the blue button "Edit Search" at the top of your screen.

On the search window, scroll down until the field "Funder name" and enter the name of the funder you are looking for, then click "Run Search"



Funder names for each associated research output are available within a new column of the Research Output CSV spreadsheet exports. For our API users, funders are also listed in the Research Outputs and Mentions endpoints of the Altmetric Explorer API.


Filter Open Access articles


Funders, research administrators and other people involved in research assessment are very interested in understanding how the Open Access status of research outputs influences the subsequent Altmetric attention that the outputs receive.


In the Advanced Search menu of the Altmetric Explorer, tick a box to restrict the search results to “Open Access outputs only”. This will return only research outputs that have an Open Access version publicly and freely available on the web.



Whether or not a research output is OA is marked as “true” or “false” in a new column within the Research Output CSV spreadsheet exports. Open Access status is also listed in the Research Outputs and Mentions endpoints of the Altmetric Explorer API.