Altmetric provides you with the highest quality, easiest to use, and most insightful data of any altmetrics platform. Our platform offers a number of key benefits:

  • A range of different sources of attention to get a more complete picture. From international policy documents to blogs to institutional syllabi, Altmetric presents attention from all types of sources and possible users. You can even search by publication to customise the types of attention that are of interest to your organisation, for example only looking at news from the New York Times.

  • Displaying and exporting individual mentions. Altmetric allows you to see each individual mention export in an easy to use CSV, so the underlying data is more accessible.

  • Providing access to Altmetric data for all research outputs, not just your own, to enable you to explore and compare the data for your own outputs as well as those from other institutions.

  • An intuitive platform that allows you to surface data more easily and navigate beautiful visualisations.

  • Altmetric combats gaming by avoiding metrics that are easily gamed (e.g. Facebook likes, YouTube views), and by employing anti-gaming measures, including ignoring repeated mentions of the same article by the same account, and detecting and ignoring X posts that exhibit the hallmarks of gaming.

Altmetric is supported by Digital Science, part of the Holtzbrink group, and has an established list of publisher and institutional clients.