Altmetric Explorer

The Explorer is easy-to-use web-based platform that enables users to browse and report on all attention data for every piece of scholarly content Altmetric has found attention for. With the Altmetric Explorer, users can easily monitor the immediate online reach and engagement for a research output, find rising stars and great research communicators and understand where the research is having influence in.


The Altmetric Explorer is offered at the organisation level and allows all staff and departments to log in, search and filter the data, run reports or set up email alerts.


We have different options available for Publishers, Institutions and Funders. More information about the Altmetric Explorer can be found here and to get a custom quote, please contact us.


Altmetric Badges

The Altmetric badges provide an at-a-glance summary of the volume and type of attention an item has received. They automatically update as new mentions of an item are found, and are easy to embed with just a few lines of code.

Clicking on the badge takes you to the Altmetric Details Page for that item, where you can explore all of the collated attention, and click through to the original source.


More information about the Badges can be found here.



The Altmetric Details Page API gives you programmatic access to the metrics data associated with articles, datasets, books, and many other research outputs collected by Altmetric. Altmetric data can be fed via the Altmetric Details Page API into other internal systems, making it easy to enhance existing reporting workflows.

Integrated within our Altmetric Explorer, the Explorer API allows users to export the data from the Explorer while giving them programmatic access to the return data.


More information about the APIs can be found here.