Searching Altmetric Explorer for a preprint server using "Journals/Collections" in Advanced Search


Simply open Altmetric Explorer's Advanced Search and type in the name of your repository or preprint server to the "Journal or Collection" search field.



Note that we may still be tracking a repository or preprint server, even if we don't have it indexed as a collection. This is when a DOI or Handle prefix search will come in handy.


Searching Altmetric Explorer for a repository using "DOI Prefix" or "Handle Prefix" in Advanced Search


A Handle prefix is the string of numbers that comes before an item identifier in a Handle URL:



You can enter this number into the "Handle Prefix" field in Explorer's Advanced Search to find all tracked content from that repository:

Similarly, you can search by "DOI Prefix" in Explorer Advanced Search, for repositories and preprint servers that issue DOIs: