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From Covid-19 to engineering the perfect espresso, controversial, important, and unusual research and scholarly editorials from across the sciences, arts, and humanities feature in this year's Altmetric Top 100 list. 

In order to better reflect the diversity of research and attention it receives, we moved away from a list ranked by overall Altmetric Attention Scores, to take into account disciplinary differences in how often research is shared online. We also report on research published between 1 January and 31 December 2020.

Unsurprisingly, Covid-19 research accounts for roughly 30% of  the Top 100 across many disciplines including biomedicine, built environment and design, and economics. Virus transmission and face mask protection were among the most heavily discussed topics.


In addition to Covid-19, two other themes emerged in this years’ Top 100: climate change and racism. In a year that saw global lockdowns and a corresponding dip in CO2 emissions, it’s no wonder that one article discusses exactly this. Other articles on the subject of climate change look at deforestation, the rising temperatures in our oceans and greenhouse gas emissions.


On the topic of racial justice, two articles in the Top 100 discuss and reflect on police violence and reform whilst others discuss the subject of institutional racism in academia.

Check the full Altmetric Top 100 here.