Times are changing, and we are too! As of 2021, Altmetric is re-imagining the Top 100.

Since its launch, this annual list of the most-discussed research papers of the year has demonstrated the influence and reach that it is possible for research to have.

Given the evolving landscape of research communication and analyses, we have decided it’s time to refresh our annual review of society’s engagement with research.

Instead of continuing to produce a typical ‘Top 100’, in future years we will focus our analyses on the unique opportunities our data offers. As a result of this change we will not be producing an official Top 100 this year.

But fear not!

As a final farewell to the original lists, Altmetric’s Head of Data Insights, Mike Taylor, will be sharing a series of blog posts that each take a different approach to compiling a ‘top 100’ - and analysing the data to draw out the key considerations of each approach.

Read the first blog post here